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Business Energy Solutions

Big Sandy RECC and its energy services partner Envision, are ready to work with industrial and commercial members to provide value-added services.

Rate Evaluation

Big Sandy RECC can evaluate your company's energy usage to determine the best rate tariff for the facility. The Cooperative can also provide other services to assist your company in operating as efficiently as possible.

Power Quality

Big Sandy RECC works with its commercial and industrial members to evaluate and mitigate power quality issues.

Surge Protection Assistance 

Big Sandy RECC technical advisors and engineers will evaluate the need for surge protection equipment and recommend surge suppression devices to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

Power Factor Correction 

Big Sandy RECC will measure the existing power factor and our engineers will provide assistance to increase the power factor of your facility. Increasing the power factor can increase the life of some equipment and reduce the capacity strain on the internal electric distribution system. For businesses with demands greater than 500 kW, increasing the power factor may reduce your costs.

Distributed Generation

Big Sandy RECC will work with any member interested in distributed generation, emergency generators or UPS systems.

Energy Management Systems 

Big Sandy RECC can assist their commercial members in evaluating energy management systems that will enable the facility to function more efficiently.

Infrared Maintenance Surveys

Big Sandy RECC can provide infrared maintenance services to commercial and industrial customers that would like preventive maintenance performed on their electrical equipment.

Commercial Advanced Lighting Program

Big Sandy RECC now offers energy efficient programs targeting the commercial and industrial sectors. The Commercial Advanced Lighting program including LED offers incentives to commercial and industrial customers who install high efficiency lamps and ballasts in their facilities. This program is expected to produce higher levels of savings in each facility.

Rebates are available to eligible customers. The facility and its lighting system must have been in service for at least two years, is expected to continue being in business for another two years after retrofit is complete, and must have its normal lighting load on for at least 50 hours per week.

Please contact Bruce Aaron Davis at (606) 789-4095 for program guidelines.  

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